KTPA and Carey's Motorsports would like to invite you out the Shelby County Fairgrounds on May 2nd and 3rd! Hope to see everyone there!

PLEASE note the class changes for the Carey's Motorsports Pull!  The Super Stock 4x4 and Super Modified 4WD Trucks will NOT pull at this event!

They have ADDED the 2.6 Diesel Trucks as a sanctioned class on Saturday night.

They have also ADDED a Non-Sanction Daily Driver Diesel Class for both nights.  


I think I have got the rules page fixed.  I also had to fix an error on my part on the 10,000 Hot Farm Tractors points sheet.  I am sorry for any confusion!  Please also let me know if you see a problem. 


WOW!  What a way to kick off the 2014 season!  We had a great time and hope that everyone enjoyed themselves as well.  I want to personally thank most everyone for getting to the pull early to get registered and teched in.  I think this may have been the best first pull of the year (at least from the secreatry stand) I have ever had!  That is all due to the pullers being so GREAT!  

I have uploaded the distance sheets and the points for Russellville.  Please help me keep in an eye on the points sheets for your class, I do my very best to make sure I do the points right.  However, I am human just like each of you and am very capable of making mistakes.  Please do not heistate to let me know if you think something is wrong, it is definately worth looking into!  Hope everyone has a great couple of weeks off and look forward to seeing you at the next one!