Class Order for this Week:

Saturday July 25th - Somerset, KY

1. 6000 LLS

2. 4300 Light Pro-Stock

3. 8500 Pro-Farm 

4. Pro-Stock 2WD

5. Super Modified 4WD

Saturday July 25th - Livingston, TN

1. Economy Hotrod

2. 10,000 Hot Farm

3. Super Stock 4x4

Saturday July 25th - Tollesboro, KY

1. 2.6 Diesel

2. Pro-Stock 4WD

3. Super Modified 2WD


There has been an added date, August 8th we will be pulling in Bell County, KY.  Classes will be decided in the near future!

I have updated the distance and points pages from London, KY this past weekend.  Hope everyone has a great week!  We got a big weekend of pulling, so rest up!


MARK YOUR CALENDARS! The Matt Pike Memorial Pull has been rescheduled for Saturday September 12th!  The classes will still be the Pro-Stock 4WD Trucks, 10,000 Hot Farm Tractors, 6000 LLS Tractors, and the 8500 Pro-Farm Tractors.  Hope everyone can make it!